105 Pinkerton Trail,
            Prospect, PA 16052       
 James and Connie Pinkerton, owners

                  All of our ponies have been certified FIS Clear by the Animal Health Trust Genetic Services in England          
                               are each micro-chipped and registered with the Dales Pony Society of England.
Moraine Valley Farm is located amidst the ancient glacial hills, valleys and streams of  Butler County in Western Pennsylvania.

Originally depreciation lands granted to a soldier in the American Revolution, the land was sold to an Irish immigrant family and the farm was settled in 1806.  Legend and logic has it that the road in front of the farm follows the path of the Indian trail along which George Washington and his guide Christopher Gist traveled in 1753.   Having departed from Williamsburg, VA enroute to Ft. LeBouf (near present day Erie) they traveled through what is now Harmony PA and then through the land that is now our farm enroute to deliver a demand from Virginia Governor Dinwiddie for the French to end their occupation of the area, setting the stage for the French and Indian War.

Later, soldiers from Pittsburgh, forty miles to the south, followed the same route on their way to the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.  Family diaries recorded that the soldiers slept in the hand-hewn, log structure barn that is still a part of our present barn.

How fitting it is then that these Dales Ponies, with a heritage from the rugged hills and valleys, or "dales", of Northern England now also reside in the similar terrain and climate of Western Pennsylvania.

Stout, hearty and diligent, like the people who settled this area, and once bred to carry heavy loads in the mines of England, the Dales Ponies are up to any mission asked of them.

Be it English or Western, driving or jumping, work or pleasure, they approach the task at hand with a level headed determination that makes them a joy to be around, eager to learn and a pleasure to own.

We invite you to enjoy this site and the photos and "biographies" of our beloved ponies.